123D Catch App Reviews

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"Transmit photos" doesnt work.

I always get a server error message. I hope youll fix it rapidely so That I Can enjoy this version Which looks amazing ! Thanks


Great Autodesk initiative. This app is a dream for those who are passionate about 3D engineering.

Not reliable

I was waiting for such an application forever! Great to finally have it - and on the IPad! Unfortunately it hardly ever works. When it does it is stunning. But don t count on it. And if you want to show your friends do not expect there to be a result the same day. Give it a week for the "photonic upload" and processing ... Often it does not work at all.

could be perfect but isnt.

i have been using catch123 in various forms, on my pc, on mac via the webfrontend and also on my iphone with this app. performance is quiet good if you have a quick internetconnection to upload the images quick in high resolution, processing is also rapid if you compare it to agisoft. but since a week it is impossible to log in and find your own models?!?! So could please anyone at Autodesk fix this issue? It isnt even possible to upgrade to Pro, because catch cannot connect to the servers... incredible... so guys, i would really spend money but i cannot. sorry for you autodesk.

NO !

Doesnt work with iPhone 6s.

Doesnt work with iOS 9.0.2

I was already disappointed because it didnt work with iOS 8 (iPhone 5s and iPad Air 2) and it still doesnt work with iOS 9. The images are uploaded and processed, but then it freezes at "Thinking some more" and nothing else happens

Not starting iPhone 6s!

Not starting iPhone 6s!

Doesnt work with iPhone 6s

Work with other iOS devices.

Only in japanese

The App is only in japanese?!

Only in japanese

This app is only in japanese, (installed from german itunes account).

Wildly Cool Free 3D

Well done. Both the app and the server response time. My first attempt was a disaster but I knew it would be. You will need very good lighting, a tripod and no glare or glossy surfaces. If you can, try to keep the camera stationary and revolve the object. Cant wait to shoot again, maybe in direct sunlight.

No good

Doesnt work very well, also the fact I have to sign in for it to work is lame

Make it iPhone compatible too

Please make it available for iPhone as well! Doesnt work too well on iPad 2 because the camera on it creates too much noise in the image.


Most people are not going to realize how revolutionary this app is. I hope to see the the following improvements: Utilize the front facing cameras for self portraits. Cross-eyed stereo interface. Multi mesh algorithms and combined sessions (until then recommend avoiding 360 degrees scans for best results). Higher res bitmap projections. Higher res meshes. Export to ACAD and 3DS. Multi device captures. Thank you AutoDesk for great job, must have been a lot of work and must have required a lot of smarts.

4 stars

Cool app. Really impressed with the results Ive been getting. The community function is lacking in functionality and community. You cant manage or modify details of your uploaded models. If the community had a bit more interaction and wasnt merely a database of files this app could really be something.

By far the best!

By far this is the best To-3D conversion app! Love it! However I would like to see in a near future: - The ability to edit our models - The ability to export the models to a major 3D drawing software like 3D Max, Blender, etc.... - The ability to export as STL for 3D printing! Once again great job! And please add those features!

This app does not works.

Everytime I try, it does not give a 3D model of the object.

Server response way too slow

Please improve the speed of the app over the net.


Nice interface and easy to use but crash most of the time when transmitting ( go on pause and stay there forever), I cant have any result with this version.

Confusing and not working

The new interface is rather confusing at least until you get to the part where you actually take the pictures. The picture taking interface is good, it would be better if the volume up button acted as a shutter release like in the standard iOS camera app. The finished photos never seem to upload for processing so the app ends up being a bit useless in the end.

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